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What Makes the Hames/Magrone Home Team Different?

1 Unique Approach to Pricing

The Hames / Salazar Home Team uses two different forms of pricing to determine the true market value of a home.  The RPR method and the Cost Approach method.  While most agents only use one if any, we go the extra mile to make sure we are getting the most accurate value of any home.

2 Male – Female Perspective

Let’s face it, men and women just see things differently.  Our differences make us stronger.  Different backgrounds, different tastes, different perspectives.  When we mutually recommend an option, you know it has been fully hashed through and we’re giving you the best options available.

3 We Have FUN!

The sale and purchase of a home is one of the largest financial decisions most people will ever make.  It is also one of the most exciting decisions you will ever make.  This process should be fully enjoyed and there should be a real fun factor.  So we tend to embrace the fun factor along with all the serious decisions.

The “Awesome” video

If you read above, the third aspect of what makes us unique compared to many other agents out there is that our love for real estate, our love for people and our desire to truly have fun, are very important to our business.

If this video doesn’t prove that we enjoy having fun, well…